Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentations

The organizers have put together a short Powerpoint template to assist you in developing your talk. The template outlines the main areas that your presentation should cover. Please be mindful that oral presentations will be very short - you will have 7 minutes. This means that you will not be able to go into much detail on any one area of your project but there will be just enough time for you to provide an overview and status update on your project. We hope that this format will be a fun and informal way for researchers to update each other on their work!

Submission date: October 25th

Submit to:

Format: PowerPoint Presentation maximum 25M file size limit

Poster presentations

Your poster will be displayed throughout the day in the refreshments and reception room. The oral presentation template outlines the main areas that your poster should include. You are welcome to bring handouts to accompany your poster. You must remove your poster and any leftover handouts at the end of the symposium.

Submission date: Bring your poster with you on November 1st and you will receive display instructions when you check in.

Format: 36" (height) by 48" (width) on heavy paper, ready to hang.

Inclusion in Proceedings

We will be making PDF copies of your presentations and posters available on the web. If you do not want your poster or presentation included in the proceedings, please indicate this in your submission email. If you do not expressly deny permission to publish, we will include it.

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