Teaching Resources from Past Programs

Our goal is to help teachers weave authentic scientific research and data from the San Francisco Estuary and watershed into their classroom learning. To reach this goal, we offer professional development programs for science teachers. Resources from past professional developments programs, including presentation materials, lesson plans, and background reading, are collected here by topic.

Teachers on the Estuary – Suisun Marsh: Resources from workshop, including lesson plans, ngss links, and presentation.

Project Excel Summer Institute – see blog post.

Field Trip for Educators – Sea Level Rise in San Francisco Bay: Links to scientific papers, sea level rise viewer, and lesson plans.

Salinity, Temperature, and Long-term Water-Quality Monitoring: Includes NERRS lesson plan and additional resources related to the lesson plan and links to long-term monitoring data.

Adaptation to Climate Change (“Climate Change Guaranteed”): Adaptations of organisms and natural communities to changing climate.

Ocean Acidification: Chemistry and implications of changes in pH of ocean waters due to climate change.

Climate Change in California: Climate science, predicted impacts of climate change to San Francisco Estuary and coastal California.

Sea Level Rise: Predictions and implications for sea level rise in San Francisco Estuary.

Rush Ranch Docent Training: Hand-outs and presentations from Rush Ranch Docent Program training, which is primarily about natural history of the tidal marsh at Rush Ranch.