Past Events

Participants from a past CTP workshop

The Coastal Training Program provides high quality training and technical assistance to coastal decision makers from across the region. We work closely with experts to develop training products tailored to our audience.

Click on the following links to view past trainings, including documents and links that were provided at those events.If you have a follow-up question about a past training, please contact Aimee Good, Wetland Science and Coastal Training Program Coordinator at aimee”at” or at 415-338-3759

October 8, 2015: Water Words that Work 

August 18, 2015: Cullinan Ranch Tidal Wetland Restoration Field Workshop

June 11-12, 2015: Project Design and Evaluation

May 7, 2015: Navigating Environmental Compliance for Wetlands Projects in the San Francisco Bay and Outer Coast

April 30 & May 1, 2015: Communicating Climate Impacts and Engaging Stakeholders in Solutions

December 9, 2014: Green Infrastructure: Enhancing Flood Protection Using Natural Shoreline Restoration Design Approaches including Tidal Wetland Restoration and the Horizontal Levee

Nov 6-7, 2014: Planning and Facilitating Collaborative Meetings

September 25, 2014: Eden Landing Tidal Restoration Field Workshop

April 11, 2014: Navigating the Environmental Compliance Process for Wetland Projects in the San Francisco Bay and Outer Coast. 

March 4, 2014: Communicating Climate Change: Climate Engagement Strategies and Problem Solving

February 4, 2014: Communicating Climate Change: Effective skills for engaging stakeholders, partners and the public

December 12, 2013: Introducing Green Infrastructure for Coastal Resilience 

November 13, 2013: South Bay Salt Ponds Tidal Marsh Restoration Field Trip

September 23-24, 2013: Project Design and Evaluation

June 4, 2013: Hamilton and Sonoma Baylands Tidal Marsh Restoration Field Trip

May 29-30, 2013: California Tiger Salamander Workshop

April 24-25, 2013: Workshop on the Biology and Management of the Red Legged Frog

April 19, 2013: Best Practices for Minimizing Impacts to Secretive Marsh Birds

March 4-5, 2013: Navigating Rough Seas: Public Issues and Conflict Management

February 20, 2013: Third Biennial Ocean Climate Summit: Strength Through Collaboration

January 25, 2013: More than a Message: Planning Campaigns for Measurable Results

February 1, 2012: Communicate With Water Words That Work

November 1, 2011: Beyond the Golden Gate Research Symposium

June 14-15, 2011: Public Issues and Conflict Management

May 1, 2011: Best Practices for Minimizing Impacts to Secretive Marsh Birds

March 30, 2011: Data and Tools for Incorporating Climate Change Impacts into Planning and Project Design

2006-2010 Archived Events

October 27, 2010: Mashup Madness: Using Google Tools to Display Geographic Information on the Web

September 13, 2010: Addressing Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in Climate Action Plans and General Plan Updates

June 3, 2010: Ocean Climate Summit

May 17-18, 2010: Public Issues and Conflict Management

September 23, 2009: Planning for Climate Change: A Workshop for Bay Area Planners

February 13, 2009: Fecal Pollution in San Francisco Bay: New Predictive Tools for Decision Makers

October 26, 2009: Project Design and Evaluation

October 7, 2009: Unpaved Road Design and Maintenance: Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly Solutions to Rural Road Problems

September 22-26, 2008PRIMER-E Workshop: Analysis of Multivariate Data from Ecology and Environmental Science, using PRIMER v6

September 10, 2008: Bay Area Lepidium Science and Management Series 

April 16, 2008: Preparing for Rising Sea Levels in the Bay Area: A Local Government Forum

March 18, 2008: Wind Waves and Tidal Wetlands: Assessing the needs for and approaches to attenuate wind wave energy in tidal wetland systems

February 25-29, 2008: Climate Camp

January 25, 2008: Fecal Contamination in the San Francisco Bay: New Predictive Tools for Decision Makers

December 7, 2007: Corridor Design Workshop with Paul Beier

December 5, 2006: Martin Luther King Shoreline Tidal Wetland Restoration Field Trip 

September 25, 2006: Tidal Restoration Field Trip: Muzzi Marsh with Phyllis Faber

January 12, 2006: Adaptive Restoration of the West Coast’s Tidal Wetlands

August 17, 2005: Introduction to the Ecology and Regulation of Tidal Wetlands in Central California and the San Francisco Bay