About the Coastal Training Program

The San Francisco Bay Coastal Training Program (CTP) is part of a national CTP initiative implemented through the National Estuarine Reserves Division of NOAA. The goal of the Coastal Training Program is to improve decision-making related to coastal resources management at local and regional levels.

The local CTP is managed by a program coordinator with support and input from a multi-agency advisory committee consisting of several NERR partners.

Each local Coastal Training Program within the national network conducts market analyses and needs assessments as a part of program development. This ensures that a new Coastal Training Program focuses on unmet training needs, avoids duplicatioin of existing efforts, and identifies partnership opportunities.

Partnerships are key to the success of the Coastal Training Program. We support and engage on ongoing collaborations focused on training and outreach for the San Francisco Bay Area coastal management community. Contact the Coastal Training Program Coordinator if you would like more information, or have training needs you would like to discuss.

Researchers and decision makers come together at a CTP workshop