King tide at China Camp. Photo by Marilyn Bagshaw

King tide at China Camp. Photo by Marilyn Bagshaw

San Francisco Bay NERR is asking visitors to participate in photo monitoring during this winter’s King Tides. It is easy! Simply take photographs from specific locations, record the precise time when they were taken, and share the photographs via Flickr or Facebook. Photographs will be used to tell the story of the need for resource protection at China Camp and document change over time. The photographs, coupled with data already collected through our System-wide Monitoring Program, may also allow scientists to answer important questions, like: At what water level does N. San Pedro Road flood? How often can we expect the road to flood in the future?

    China Camp King Tides Photo Monitoring Locations

Location: Intersection of N. San Pedro Road and driveway to Back Ranch Meadows
Photo Title: China Camp Road
Latitude/Longitude: 38°00’32.7″N 122°29’42.4″W :
Description: Standing safely off the road near the sign to Back Ranch Meadows, take photographs facing east to capture the low sections of the road.

Location: Turtle Back Nature Trail
Photo Title: China Camp Turtle Back Trail
Latitude/Longitude: 38°00’30.0″N 122°29’29.4″W:
Description: From the open section of the trail that parallels N. San Pedro Rd, take a picture looking east to capture a view of the distant low sections of road. Please stay on the trail.

Location: Top of Bullet Hill
Photo Title: China Camp Bullet Hill
Latitude/Longitude: 38°00’28.4″N 122°29’13.7″W :
Description: Submit photographs looking in all directions from the top of Bullet Hill. We are especially interested in photos looking east to capture any flooding on N. San Pedro Rd.

Location: Historic China Camp Village
Photo Title: China Camp Village
Latitude/Longitude: 38°00’02.0″N 122°27’39.9″W :
Description: From the southern section of beach, take photograph looking north/northeast to capture the historic pier and present-day visitor center.

What to do at the location:
Scout out the area and make sure it is safe.
Find the photo location.
Write down the date, time, site name, picture number, and GPS coordinates, especially if you are using a camera rather than a smart phone.
Snap a couple photos.
Share! Please share your photos through the California King Tides Project’s Facebook or Flickr pages.

IMPORTANT! – Check out the weather reports before heading out to the location. Be aware, alert and safe.

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