Reprinted from the Romberg Tiburon Center Bayside Newsletter 


Our new Reserve Manager, Dr. Mike Vasey!

After an intense national search in which the NERR staff, RTC, and our other partners devoted significant time and energy, I am gratified to have been appointed the new Director of the San Francisco Bay NERR. I would like to thank everyone for their efforts and particularly Dean Axler for his support for this process. It was highly competitive which, I think, speaks to the desirability of leading the NERR during this next phase of its development.

And, in my view, one of the most exciting parts of that development is the emerging partnership with RTC.   The atmosphere around RTC these days is dynamic and full of promise. A perfect example is the first annual Bay Science Collaborative that took place on April 2. Karina Nielsen, Ellen Hines, and the RTC staff did a great job bringing scientists, managers, and non-profit leaders together to brainstorm about the big issues facing our estuary today and how we might collaborate in addressing them. Another example is the expansion of the partnership among RTC, the NERR, and the Smithsonian Ecological Research Center (SERC). One area of active engagement of this new partnership is a collaborative citizen science initiative. The NERR, RTC, and the Bay Institute have submitted an application to NOAA to become a designated Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center and approval is now pending.

In the bigger picture, the NERR and RTC are also finding common ground in addressing the major challenges the estuarine community faces due to sea-level rise, extreme flooding, changing water quality conditions, and understanding and addressing impacts on the ecology of our coastal ecosystems. As a long time SFSU lecturer and researcher, I look forward to continuing to build this partnership so that the NERR, RTC, and the university flourish in this relationship while we address these challenges together.


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