There are certain things that are true today that weren’t true only a few years ago. Electric cars finally got cool, we can’t pretend sea level rise isn’t happening anymore, and when want to learn about something new, YouTube is the place we start. This summer, I have tried to weave together these newly realized facts and contribute my small part towards protecting our environment. Tide Up: Voices on Sea Level Rise in the Bay Area, is a series of short videos I produced this summer about the implications of sea level rise for the California coast and particularly the Bay Area, which some people don’t realize is particularly vulnerable to SLR and flooding. Tide Up talks to a variety of stakeholders whose expertise falls somewhere between a pyramid of land management, politics and science who have blown me away by their crystal-ball-like knowledge of the future of the CA coast and their ability to convey their message. My hope is that this series can be a resource that anyone realizing they can’t ignore SLR can go to get their intellectual (and hopefully metaphorical) feet wet and can act as a launching pad towards becoming involved in the CA King Tides Initiative and/ or the organizations represented by people featured in the videos- all of whom are doing important and great work.

I’ll be making one video public each week for the next seven weeks so keep an eye on our website and FaceBook page.

My first video was with Marc Holmes the Program Director of the Bay Institute who was gracious enough to sit and speak with me about the work they are doing to restore wetlands and convince politicians of their vital nature. Holmes is a leading regulation and policy expert with 25 years of experience advocating wetland restoration in California and around the world.

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